Ev io

Ev Io is an online multiplayer game set in a futuristic world. There are a range of weapons and techniques available to aid you in gaining an advantage in the battle. For a quick jump into battle, just click.

Two game types are to choose from on the site. You can compete for free against other players in death fights to determine who will win those most life. In a team game you must work together with your team to make the most lives as a group.

In Ev Io, you have the option to select between cannons, automated rifles or laser rifles as the primary weapons. Each weapon comes with its own design. For example, the automatic rifle, with low damage but a fast shot. The laser rifle can do quite a bit of damage, but shoots very slowly.

It is also possible to pick up weapons from the map as well as pick the weapon you want to use. Pistols and snipers as well as rocket launchers are just three of the weapon options available. The weapons that are picked up are little more powerful than the primary weapon, however their ammunition supply is restricted. To get the most value out of your pictures you'll have to be aware of the number you own.

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